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Wine and food pairing : all the advice from Chef&Sommelier

Everything you need to know about food and wine pairing to choose the ideal glassware

Wine and food pairing, beer and food pairing, cocktail and food pairing, we present you all the rules to follow for a tasty and gourmet meal, as well as the preferred glass.


Food and wine pairing: key points to know

You don’t need to be an expert in oenology to create an ideal harmony between your dish andand the wine you will serve. To achieve the perfect food and wine pairing, you just need to follow some simple rules. The aromas of the wine should bring out the flavours of the dish and vice versa. This is what is known as horizontal matching.


Which wine for which dish ?


  •  Semi-dry white wine or sweet wine are perfect with spicy food and desserts. 
  • Dry white wine is used to enhance the flavours of fish such as salmon or various types of seafood.
  • Fruity white wine is best served with white meat.
  • A full-bodied, heady red wine is best served with a dish in sauce or with red meat or duck.
  • Rosé and light red wines are perfect for an aperitif with delicatessen, poultry or andouillette.


Other rules to follow

Of course, these general rules must be adapted to the situation. For example, if one of your guests does not like white wine, you should opt for a light red wine or a rosé to accompany a fish dish.

If you have prepared a traditional regional dish, also try to combine it with a local wine or grape variety for better harmony.

Finally, for a light meal, choose a wine with the same character and do the opposite for a heavier meal.



Our wine glass collections

Our ranges of wine glasses and decanters have been specially designed for tasting and enhancing wines. With their brilliant transparency and robustness, our collections are suitable for all your gustatory and aromatic pleasures.

  •  The Macaron range consists of glasses with a rounded design to enhance the power of wines and their aromas. It is an extraordinary oxygenator of wines and is therefore very effective on young wines
  •  The Open’Up range has an innovative design and is particularly suited to the tasting of young wines.
  •  The Reveal’Up range offers incredible transparency for a perfect visual, olfactory and taste experience. It is very effective whatever the age of the wine served.


Beer and food pairing: a new taste experience

Beer and food pairing is becoming increasingly popular in restaurants. Indeed, the diversity of this beverage makes it an ally of choice for gastronomic meals. Sweet, bitter, flowery, sour, fruity, with hints of honey, its richness allows for countless combinations and associations.


 Which beer for which dish ?

For starters, which are generally light, we recommend a beer of the same type. White beer, for example, goes well with raw vegetables or seafood, especially if it is slightly flavoured.

For the main course, amber beer is an excellent choice. It goes well with grilled meat or spicy dishes. For fish and white meats, opt for lager.

Blond beer is also a good choice to accompany cheese, as are flavoured beers.

Finally, for dessert, we recommend a good dark beer to enhance the taste of a delicious chocolate cake, for example.


Our beer glass collections

Our beer glasses (Open’Up 55cl, Cabernet Vins Jeunes 47cl, Reveal’Up 40cl, Séquence 37cl, Macaron Fascination 30cl, Spirits 70cl and the Reveal’Up 21cl flute) have been designed to enhance all styles of beer. Elegant, they guarantee optimal tasting pleasure. They will be perfect to accompany a food and beer pairing menu in a restaurant.


Food and cocktail pairing: all about food pairing

Food pairing is not just about wine and beer, cocktails can also be part of it. But to successfully pair these alcoholic preparations with dishes, a few rules must be observed.

The first is to banish spirits that are too strong, such as whisky, as they take up too much space on the taste buds. Secondly, prefer long drink cocktails. Finally, don’t mix too many spirits to keep a certain consistency.


Which cocktail base for which dish ?

  •  Gin (gin and tonic, gin fizz) with beef and chicken.
  •  Prosecco (all types of spritz) with goat cheese or sushi.
  •  Rum (mojito, daiquiri) with pork for meat or sea bream for fish.
  •  Tequila (paloma and tequila sunrise) with avocado dishes.
  •  Vodka (blue lagoon, cosmopolitan) with crab.


Our cocktail glass collections

Our premium cocktail glass collections are all made of Krysta. An innovative material that has the brilliance of crystal, but is much more resistant.

In terms of design, the Open’Up tumbler has a very contemporary conical style that is ideal for high-end restaurants. Lima glasses are a must-have for any trendy bar. Finally, our champagne glasses and flutes offer elegant lines to enhance your champagne preparations and make them bubble endlessly.


Bonus: food and sake pairings

Sake, a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from rice, is becoming increasingly popular in restaurants, as it goes well with many Japanese dishes, but not only.

Generally speaking, sake goes well with seafood, especially oysters, and foie gras. For fish, choose a fairly delicate sake such as daiginjo.

For cheese, it depends on your choice. Blue cheese goes well with a rather dense and rich sake, while parmesan goes well with a fruity sake.

Finally, thanks to the creaminess of the rice and its fruity aromas, sake is the perfect partner for sweets and pastries


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