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Make the most sublime high-end cocktails !

How to make a top-of-the-range cocktail look good ?

Whether you’re an event caterer or just a mixology enthusiast, you’ll know the importance of presentation. The choice of glass is therefore crucial to the success of a high-end cocktail. That’s why we tell you more in this article.


1. Which glass should you choose to serve a top-of-the-range cocktail ?

Mixology is an art to be learned. To fully appreciate a high-end cocktail, it is best to serve it in an appropriate glass. Your guests will be able to enjoy a delicious drink in a friendly atmosphere. Depending on your performance, you may be interested in one of these models.


The Tumbler glass

Although it is a classic shape, the Tumbler glass is ideal for making delicious cocktails at home or at the bar. It actually accommodates rather simple, traditional cocktails. The size and capacity of the glass is quite small, allowing for short drinks, which have little liquid. The container does however allow for the use of ice cubes, which is ideal for drinks that are enjoyed over time.


The highball glass

The highball glass has also become a classic. Much higher than the Tumbler, but just as simple in its presentation, it is ideal for long drinks. This type of cocktail has more liquid, mixing alcohol with soda, juice or infusion. It is therefore obvious that a larger container is needed for these types of cocktails. Once again, ice cubes can be easily added to this glass.


The “coupette” cocktail glass

The coupette is perhaps the most iconic cocktail glass of a luxury bar. It is a stemmed glass with a rounded shape or with a point on the bottom. Many bartenders use it for their signature cocktails. It offers a glamorous and elegant atmosphere for all your events. This cocktail glass is ideal for short drinks that are drunk quickly. The glass is not usually suitable for ice cubes.


Margarita glass

To finish this list of cocktail glasses, we suggest the Margarita glass which has a very particular shape. Narrower at the base, the glass elegantly widens at the top. This allows for a harmonious and refined salt glaze. This two-tiered glass is perfect for the Margarita, but it can also be used for excellent mixtures of your own.


2. How important is the glass in a high end cocktail ?

Choosing a cocktail glass is not just a matter of taste. The expertise of many mixologists will confirm this. It is essential to have the right equipment for a successful event. Don’t just think about the shaker, go all the way with the perfect choice of cocktail glasses. Remember that as a general rule, long drinks should be served in larger glasses than short drinks.

If you are preparing a simple buffet or want to serve sophisticated cocktails in a bar or at home, the choice of glasses may also be different. If you want to convey a certain bonhomie, the Tumbler and the Highball are perfect. If, on the other hand, you want to be more sophisticated, coupette-style stemware may be appropriate.


3. What capacity should I choose for a high end cocktail glass ?

Small glasses are recommended by mixologists who create refined cocktails with sophisticated flavours. The size of the glass is designed to ensure that the cocktail does not heat up too quickly and for perfect aesthetics.

The capacity of cocktail glasses tends to increase over time, just as their shape can change. However, small capacity glasses remain timeless.

However, be sure to respect the “wash line” of your cocktail glass when creating a new menu or bar design. It is recommended to leave a centimetre of rim to facilitate the consumption of the drink. An overfilled glass could cause splashing, which could affect the enjoyment of your guests.


4. What are the trendy ingredients of the best cocktails ?

The most famous cocktails are sometimes the simplest. The secret to their success is actually the quality of the ingredients chosen. Gin, rum, vodka, bourbon, calvados and cognac are essential for the creation of cocktails of all kinds. Fruit juices, sugar syrup, ice cubes, lemon, but also infusions and sodas can accompany them

Ice strainer, shaker, spoon and measuring spoon will complete your mixology kit.

For your signature cocktails, whether you serve them to your clients, at the bar, or to your guests, you can choose from the trendy ingredients of recent years. You can make a Coffee Tonic or an Espresso Martini from coffee or concoct a non-alcoholic cocktail, which is very trendy at the moment. Gin cocktails are also in the spotlight this season.


5. What are the most popular cocktails ?

The list of classic cocktails is quite extensive. You’ll find the iconic, but still curious Dry Martini, the delicious Margarita, the Cuba Libre with its share of ice, the simple and effective Gin Tonic, the slightly sweet Old Fashioned. You can also enjoy the peachy Bellini, the Sex On The Beach, the Spritz with an aperitivo, the refreshing Mojito and the Bloody Mary, with or without a spoon. You may also like the Bluebird, with its pretty blue colour derived from curaçao.

You can make and enjoy your cocktails at home, or go to cocktail bars in Paris such as Mabel, Mary Céleste, Little Red or others. The main thing is that you enjoy yourself.

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