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Chef&Sommelier launches Villeneuve

Villeneuve: a new collection of tasting glasses, dedicated to bistros as well as to big houses.

Co-created with Daniel Boulud, a two-starred French restaurateur who has been living in New York for more than 20 years, the Villeneuve collection echoes the tables of the great houses as well as those of the “Bibs Gourmands”. It thus opens a new opus in the tasting stories imagined by Chef&Sommelier™ throughout its collections with a range of high-end and accessible stemware.


For a long time now, restaurateurs and sommeliers have known the importance of enhancing a wine list with containers that reveal its best expression. They strive to make the meal a unique emotional experience in which the décor, plates, cutlery and glasses play a part.

While the plate provides a backdrop for the dish, the glass is matched to the wine according to the intensity of its taste and the richness of its aromatic palette. As for the consumer, he or she pays more and more attention to the experience of tasting; each person recognizes the place of the glass to appreciate the tasting in all its fullness. With Villeneuve, Chef&Sommelier™ offers a new range of glasses that lend themselves to all tasting moments as long as they sublimate the experience.



Between the chef and the brand, an authentic encounter around shared values.

Since 2018, Chef&Sommelier™ has been imagining, designing and manufacturing original collections in the service of tasting. The brand relies on the Arc Group’s centuries-old glassmaking expertise. It develops with partners, chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers, oenologists, new products at the service of tasting. Having in common a quest for excellence, a passion for wine and a love of gastronomy that they like to share with as many people as possible, Chef&Sommelier™ and Daniel Boulud have created together a line of high-end stemware.


It was important for me to be able to provide all of our establishments, whether they are a fine dining establishment or a gourmet bistro, with a collection of high-end and affordable glasses that can offer customers the best expression of the wines.

Daniel Boulud


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