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Elegance and Refinement in Every Sip – A Special Valentine’s Cocktail

In the run-up to the Festival of Love, offer your customers an exceptional sensory experience with a special Valentine’s Day cocktail, enhanced by our glassware. In this article, we delve into the art of preparing a cocktail that will evoke romance and delicacy, while showcasing the sophistication of our tableware collection.


1. Choosing the right glass: elegance in every sip

Start by choosing the perfect glass for your cocktail. The stemmed glasses in the “Symmetry” collection add a touch of originality to any drink. For a special Valentine’s Day cocktail, opt for elegant champagne glasses like those in the “Reveal’Up” series to create a chic and romantic atmosphere.

2. Making the Cocktail: A Symphony of Flavours

Start by choosing a cocktail base that embodies the romantic spirit of Valentine’s Day. A sparkling “Passion Fizz” or a “Love Elixir” with exotic flavours could be captivating choices. Make sure you use quality ingredients to guarantee an exceptional taste experience.

3. Presentation: An Art in Its Own Right

The way your cocktail is presented adds an artistic dimension to the experience. Use “Exaltation” champagne glasses for chic service. Add visual elements such as edible rose petals, fresh berries or citrus zest for a romantic touch.

4. Garnishes: An Explosion of Colour and Flavour

The right garnishes are the icing on the cake. Choose garnishes that evoke passion, such as fresh raspberries, mint leaves or orange ribbons. Our glassware provides the perfect setting for these delicate details.

5. The Magic of Ice Cubes: Refreshing and Elegant

Elegant ice cubes can transform the look of your cocktail. Use special ice cube moulds to create original shapes to match the Valentine’s Day theme.”Sublym” glasses highlight these ice cubes with their sleek design.

With Chef & Sommelier, every detail counts in creating a memorable experience. The brand’s elegant glasses give you the opportunity to surprise and seduce your customers. Create a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere, where each cocktail becomes a work of art to be savoured.

Don’t wait any longer, explore our collections and turn Valentine’s Day into an exceptional moment.




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