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Wine at Venice

The partnership with Wine in Venice 2024, sees Chef&Sommelier official supplier of Exaltation glasses, underlining the brand’s commitment to brand in contributing to promoting the excellence of the experience and of the fine wine tasting activity, proposing itself as a partner in initiatives of national resonance.

Wine in Venice is an event with a revolutionary approach, now in its second
second edition, where wineries (one per region of Italy)
exhibit on their own merits and at no cost. This year it will offer,
a blend of continuity and novelty and will be staged from
20 January 2024 for four days.

The exclusive Exaltation glasses by Chef & Sommelier are designed
with the utmost care to enhance the aromatic and
organoleptic characteristics of the finest wines. Launched in 2020, the collection
represents a new chapter in the brand’s quest for excellence.
of the brand. Made of extra-strong Krysta crystal, Exaltation
stands out for its innovative design and its ability to
intensify every aspect of tasting.


The unprecedented shape of the articles has been specially designed to best savour
each type of wine, offering a multi-sensory experience that involves sight, touch, smell and taste.

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