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Enhance your tastings with Exaltation

Discover the refined world of Chef&Sommelier Experts, where each creation is imagined, designed and manufactured to magnify the food and drink pairings inspired by chefs. Explore the expert glasses in our collection, and discover their unique assets for an exceptional tasting experience. 🍷

Exaltation, the sparkling wine expert

At the heart of our collection is the Exaltation collection, the sparkling wine expert. This range of glasses offers an unprecedented effervescence treatment and a large evaporation surface, making Exaltation the ideal partner to sublimate every note of your favourite sparkling wines. 🥂

Surprising effervescence treatment

Exaltation redefines the tasting experience with its exceptional effervescence treatment. Each bubble is meticulously preserved, allowing a perfectly orchestrated release of aromas, adding an extra dimension to your tasting pleasure.

Large Evaporation Surface for an Explosion of Flavours

The Exaltation collection is distinguished by its large evaporation surface, creating an ideal interaction between the wine and the air. This unique feature ensures optimal aeration, revealing the full complexity of sparkling wine aromas at every tasting.

Elegant design for sophisticated tasting

In addition to its exceptional performance, Exaltation is also a harmonious marriage of functionality and aesthetics. The elegant design of these glasses adds a touch of refinement to your tasting table, creating a visual experience as exceptional as the wine you enjoy.

Explore Exaltation and More

Dive into the discovery of new pieces from the Exaltation collection and other expert glasses. Chef&Sommelier invites you to take your tastings to new heights, with meticulous attention to every detail. 🍷🥂

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