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Discovering Culinary and Hospitality Excellence at the HOST Show

Dear gourmets and enthusiasts of the art of hosting, The spotlight is ready to rise on the most anticipated event of the year for foodies and welcoming minds alike. The prestigious HOST show is on the horizon, promising an unparalleled celebration of culinary creativity and refined hospitality. Put on your imaginary hat and immerse with us in a universe where innovation, taste and elegance combine to create a delectable symphony for the senses.

An International Scene of Refinement

The HOST Show is not just an event, it is a captivating experience where the world’s culinary cultures merge to deliver an array of flavors, trends and technologies. Star chefs, master pastry chefs and hospitality experts come together to unveil their latest creations and share their passion for the art of hospitality. From the captivating smell of freshly baked pastries to live cooking demonstrations that tantalize the taste buds, HOST takes you on a journey across continents, where each stop is an opportunity to soak up the richness of the food industry and hotel.

A Feast for the Senses and Ideas

Imagine yourself wandering between sumptuously appointed stands, each corner offering an invitation to explore new taste perspectives and discover innovative equipment. From cutting-edge kitchenware to cutting-edge technology to artistic food presentations, the HOST show is a never-ending buffet of ideas and inspiration. Attend workshops where tastemakers share their secrets, emerging trends are highlighted, and lively discussions about sustainable practices and the future of gastronomy unfold like an intellectual feast. Also find our glasses put into action and exhibited to discover the advantages of our brand and these collections.

The Meeting of Hotel Excellence

Hospitality is at the heart of every magical moment, and the HOST Lounge is no exception. From expert sommeliers to renowned hotel managers, from interior design experts to solution providers for the hospitality industry, every essential link in the hospitality world comes together to inspire and raise standards. Discussions focus on the importance of functional and aesthetic space design, innovative technologies that transform the guest experience, and how every detail, from table linens to wine selection, helps create an atmosphere of unforgettable welcome.

Awakening of the Senses and Creative Fulfillment

The HOST show is more than just a gathering of exhibitors and participants. It is a captivating adventure that awakens the senses, stimulates creativity and enriches the passion for gastronomy and hospitality. Whether you’re a chef looking for inspiration, a budding design enthusiast, or a hospitality enthusiast looking to explore the latest trends, HOST awaits you with open arms. So, get ready to dive into a whirlwind of flavors, ideas and experiences that are sure to feed your appetite for excellence. Come to the HOST Lounge, where the magic of gastronomy and hospitality comes to life and culinary dreams come true. In the meantime, may your taste buds be awakened and your creativity boiling! 🍽️🛎️ You can find usdinOctober 13 to 17, 2023, the living room Host Milan will take place atFieramilano, Rho in Italy. Chef & Sommelier will have its own stand accompanied by the brandArcoroc, in order to present itsnew 2024 and have a direct link with professionals in the sector..

Find us at our stand Hall 9 H27-33

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