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The New Trends in Glassware for Professionals in 2024

Welcome to a new year where innovation and refinement merge to create exceptional experiences. As a culinary and wine professional, you know that every detail counts. That’s why, for 2024, Chef et Sommelier is unveiling glassware trends that redefine elegance and awaken the senses.

The Art of Modernised Transparency

In 2024, transparency is evolving beyond expectations. Chef et Sommelier presents creations in which the clarity of glass becomes a canvas for contemporary shapes and subtle details. From stemmed glasses to decanters, each piece is a transparent work of art that highlights the beauty of the liquid it contains. You’ll find our Macaron and Macaron Fascination collections in particular to enhance your tables and offer your customers an expert tasting experience.

Refined minimalism

Minimalism remains at the heart of the trends, but with a touch of refinement. Chef et Sommelier offers clean lines and simple shapes, eliminating the superfluous to highlight the essential. Each glass becomes an elegant statement that completes the tasting experience without distracting.

Trendy colours to brighten up the table

Colours are back with a bang. In 2024, Chef et Sommelier offers glasses in vibrant hues that add a touch of dynamism to the table. From the subtle shades of green in our Primary Color collection to the blue tones of our Salto Ice Blue collection, each colour is carefully selected to add a visual dimension to the tasting experience.

Elegant geometric designs

Geometric shapes make an elegant entrance. Chef et Sommelier offers glasses with innovative contours, combining the beauty of geometric lines with the functionality of optimised tasting. These pieces become artistic elements on the table. Opt for our Symmetry collection to set the perfect table.

Conclusion: A Year of Sensory Refinement

In conclusion, 2024 promises to be a period of sensory exploration thanks to new trends in glassware. Each piece is an invitation to redefine the culinary experience, combining modern aesthetics with innovative functionality. Prepare to amaze your customers with details that transcend the ordinary and elevate your tastings to new heights of elegance. Chef et Sommelier accompanies you in this quest for refinement, where each glass becomes a functional work of art.🍷✨

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