The Exaltation collection is first and foremost a study in sparkling wines (Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, Sekt…). With their unique lily shape and the bubbling system patented in France under n°FR20014773, the 30 cl and 35 cl glasses in the collection are the perfect tools for creating a new tasting experience.
Today, Exaltation is expanding its collection with stemware designed for still wines (red, white and rosé). The paraison is even more generous, the rim is narrower and the top of the glass is angled upwards, allowing the wine to breathe and the fruity and floral aromas to be better concentrated and expressed. The acidity/tannins/alcohol balance is optimal in these glasses.
The curvaceous design of this collection testifies to the savoir-faire and technical expertise of the Chef&Sommelier brand. This soft, organic shape is in line with more contemporary trends, but is also something of a crowd-pleaser. Exaltation is a collection designed for incomparable experiences, from the look to the flavours held within. It’s a new icon in tableware.