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Which glass should I use to enjoy a young wine?

When it comes to tasting a young, vibrant wine, every detail counts. From delicate aromas to fresh flavours, every sip reveals a unique story. With this in mind, our Open’Up glass stands out as the perfect glass to fully appreciate these burgeoning wines.

Ingenious design for an exceptional sensory experience

The Open’Up glass is the result of an ingenious design that aims to enhance every aspect of wine tasting. Its elegant, flared shape allows optimal aeration of the wine, releasing its aromas with remarkable precision. This gradual aeration allows the fruity and floral notes to develop fully, offering a sensory experience of incomparable richness.

A perfect balance between form and function

Designed in collaboration with expert sommeliers, the Open’Up glass harmoniously combines aesthetics and functionality. Its slim, elegant rim allows for fluid tasting, while its wider base offers reassuring stability. Every detail has been designed to deliver an optimal tasting experience, bringing out the freshness and liveliness of young wines.

Advanced performance for authentic pleasures

Beyond its refined aesthetic appeal, the Open’Up glass stands out for its exceptional performance. Its composition in Krysta, an innovative crystal, guarantees crystal-clear transparency and enhanced impact resistance. As a result, each glass offers incomparable visual purity, highlighting the luminous colour of young wines with dazzling clarity.

In short, this glass embodies excellence in the art of young wine tasting. Its elegant design, advanced performance and perfect balance between form and function make it the essential accessory for any wine lover in search of an authentic sensory experience. With the Open’Up glass, every tasting becomes a celebration of the pleasures of taste and smell, offering an unforgettable sensory journey for you and your customers.

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