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The Chef & Sommelier Selection for a Unique Tasting Experience

In the subtle art of gastronomy, glassware and cutlery play an essential role in delivering an exceptional culinary experience. Chef & Sommelier, renowned for its unrivalled expertise, offers a selection of glassware and cutlery that transcends the ordinary. Discover with us how these exceptional pieces can enhance your tastings.

1. Exceptional glassware: L’Éclat du Cristal

The Chef & Sommelier collection of glasses is a veritable ode to elegance. The depth of the range in the Cabernet collection means that it can be used for every purpose in restaurants, hotels and bars. Cabernet is the must-have for all drinks menus and for tasting the best vintages.

2. Refined cutlery : The Art of Touch

Chef & Sommelier cutlery is much more than a simple culinary instrument, it is a work of goldsmith’s art. The “Black Oak” collection is an aesthetic exchange between the voluptuous curves of the spoon and the curves of the handle with its natural wood effect. Black Oak cutlery brings an authentic atmosphere to restaurant tables.

3. Cocktail glassware: visual and taste harmony

Lovers of mixology will be delighted by Chef & Sommelier’s range of cocktail glassware. Primary” glasses are designed to visually enhance each creation, adding an artistic dimension to the art of mixology. Their balanced shapes and crystalline transparency enhance the colour palette of cocktails.

4. Decanters and Accessories: Staging the Service

Successful tasting is not just about flavour, it is also influenced by presentation and service. Chef & Sommelier decanters, such as the “Macarron,” embody modern elegance. Accessories such as decanters and ice buckets complete the setting for impeccable service.

Chef & Sommelier’s selection of glassware and cutlery embodies elegance and finesse at the table. Each carefully thought-out piece creates a complete sensory experience, from the first sip to the last bite. Explore the Chef & Sommelier range and discover how these items can transform every tasting experience into an exceptional moment.

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