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Enhance your tasting experience with the Symmetry collection

In the world of gastronomy and oenology, aesthetics play a vital role. At Chef & Sommelier, we’re fully aware of this and that’s why we’ve created the Symmetry collection, a range of glasses that combine beauty, practicality and form for an unrivalled tasting experience.

Aesthetics to enhance the experience

The Symétrie collection has been designed to enhance your tasting experience. Each glass is a genuine object of design, combining finesse and elegance. This line, with its broad range, meets the needs of restaurateurs, mixologists and caterers looking for something different and delicate. This collection is characterised by the vertical lines that run through the gobs of its glasses, creating a mesmerising optical effect. The collection is firmly rooted in the trend for subtle optical lines that highlight wines and cocktails without distracting from the tasting experience. The transparency of krysta highlights the colour of your wines, beers and spirits, creating a real visual showcase.

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Practicality at the heart of our approach

At Chef & Sommelier, we know that practicality is an essential criterion for professionals. That’s why our Symétrie collection glasses are designed to be easy to hold and wash. Their wide, stable base provides excellent grip on all surfaces, while their slim, precise rim ensures optimal tasting.

Shape, a major asset

The shape of our glasses is not just aesthetic, it also has an impact on the tasting experience. Every curve and angle has been designed to bring out the aromas and flavours of your drinks to the full. The tulip shape, for example, is ideal for concentrating and releasing the aromas of red wines, while the flute shape preserves the effervescence of champagnes and sparkling wines.

A collection to suit all tastes

The Symétrie collection comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all your needs. Whether you’re an experienced sommelier, a restaurant owner concerned about the experience of his customers or a passionate wine lover, you’ll find the ideal glass in our collection to enhance your tastings…

Discover our Symétrie collection now and let yourself be seduced by the perfect combination of beauty and functionality.

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