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Hotel Bedroom & Bathroom

Hotel Bedroom & Bathroom


Hotel Bedrooms

Hotels Have Unlimited Glassware Choice for Bedrooms

Hotel can now select from a myriad of stemware and tumbler options that can meet their bathrooms and bedrooms aesthetic, style orientation, quality standard, functionality, and safety needs, when it comes to glassware choice.

There is crystalline, high transparency glass, thick based, thin based, smooth wall, facetted, straight sided, curved, modern or traditional, and so the list of options goes on and on.


Hotel Bathrooms

Hotel Bathrooms Have an Ever Increasing Choice of Tumblers !

Whatever the priority, whether that be the safety of guests, looking stylish, trend setting, fashion coordination, projecting a quality image, functionality, reducing breakage, lifespan or simply ease of use, there is an option to meet everyone’s needs.

There are luxurious materials like Krysta Extra Strong Crystalline with lustre, sparkle and shine, perfect transparency as well as enhanced dishwasher resistance, and then the safety, and market leading strength and durability offered by fully tempered glassware from Arcoroc.


Fully Tempered Tumblers for Bathrooms

Arcoroc fully tempered products have an increased thermal and mechanical shock resistance, which makes them more suited to bathroom environments.

Strong and durable tumblers, less prone to breakage, increases the expected lifespan by 10 – 50 times when compared to standard annealed tumblers. In addition, when fully tempered products break they typically generate more diced, cube like glass pieces, and less shards, which is safer for guests and staff.


Stackable Tumblers, ideals for Bathrooms

Stackable tumblers give improved functionality and are particularly useful for hotels carrying replenishment stocks of bathroom glasses on restocking trollies.

There are conical and cylindrical tumblers that stack on the rim, or on the base, depending on the hotel’s preference. Stackable tumblers tend to be fully tempered to withstand the rigors of stacking, and receiving regular knocks.


Facetted, Panelled or Tumblers with Features

Tumblers with different base or body features can appear visually more interesting, and have an increased tactile quality that interests and excites hotel guests.

These products also do not show up water marks or fingerprints so easily, making them appear cleaner.


Thick Based Fine Featured Tumblers

Premium and luxury hotels quite often want to set themselves aside from midscale, and the more basic upscale establishments, to in part justify the extra cost charged for staying, but also to create a quality standard that covers every aspect of the guest’s stay, from the food in the restaurant, to the robes in the Hotel Spa, to the bathroom tumbler you might put your toothbrush in.

It is important to signal the hotel’s quality level through the obvious visual characteristics of the tumbler. The thick base makes the tumbler look as though it is raised off the bathroom surface on a plinth or pedestal. It also adds weight to the article, increasing the prestige value.

The clarity and transparency of the material is often increasingly evident in this bright and light environment. Crystalline, with cut panels, ridges or facets helps refract light, and promotes a sparkle and shine. A fine rim is of course more comfortable on the guest’s lip if they drink water from the tumbler.



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