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Chef&Sommelier partner of the ASI

Chef&Sommelier, Gold Partner of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI)


A partnership under the sign of excellence…

Chef&Sommelier has built its reputation on its expertise in glass and its capacity for innovation. The brand and the ASI share the same objective : to promote the talent of expert professionals in the service of gastronomic, passionate and demanding customers.

As a creator of experiences and ambassador of the French art of living, Chef&Sommelier has accompanied ASI since 2011 in all regional and world competitions. Chef&Sommelier is now the official glass supplier of the ASI.

The greatest sommeliers rely on the technicality and elegance of Chef&Sommelier glasses and decanters.


What is ASI ?


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ASI is an international organization, where 63 national sommelier associations, present on 5 continents, representing more than 25,000 members, meet to promote sommellerie worldwide.

It is also the largest organizer of sommelier competitions in the world: a champion from each of these regions – Europe-Africa, the Americas, Asia-Oceania – competes with some sixty other candidates to win the title of best sommelier in the world. The next edition will take place in Paris (France) in February 2023. Chef&Sommelier is preparing this edition in close collaboration with the organizing committee.

The ASI coordinates actions for the development and advancement of the sommelier profession while educating consumers.

Visit the ASI website.


Photo: Final of the ASI World’s Best Sommelier Competition with candidate and winner Marc Almert, March 2019 in Antwerp, Belgium

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