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Guide to prepare your Christmas service with Chef&Sommelier

Christmas is coming soon !

This is the opportunity for Chef&sommelier to accompany you and guide you in the preparation of your Christmas service. Christmas is an important time of the year, an opportunity to get together with family and share a convivial moment around the table. To amaze the taste buds and eyes of your guests, Chef&Sommelier guides you in the choice of your glassware.

Before the Christmas meal,

For the service of champagne, Chef&Sommelier offers you its magnificent Open’Up flute. Specifically designed for the tasting of sparkling wines, its shape, its thinness and its effervescence plus technology, allows to optimize the release of bubbles. And thus offer you a perfect experience in the tasting of your champagne.

During the meal,

The table is the main meeting point of your Christmas party. This is why its setting and the choice of glasses is essential for the emotion you want to provide. This is why we advise you to choose your combination of stemware and tumblers :

For stemware, the Villeneuve collection, co-created with the world’s best chef 2022, Daniel Boulud, will sublimate your service with its revisited tulip shape. The 47.5 cl and 74 cl sizes, designed to enhance the organoleptic experience of great wines, will offer your guests an unforgettable tasting experience.

Concerning the water tumplers, the Villeneuve stemmed glasses will perfectly complement the Macaron tumblers in 40 cl. The balloon-shaped cups combine harmony and elegance.

After the yule log,

After a good Christmas meal, digestion is often a problem.

To help in this process, the ritual is to finish with a tasting of spirits. Chef&Sommelier, expert in the field of tasting, has developed glasses that allow you to sublimate and appreciate your liqueurs to the fullest. The Open’up Spirit collection will perfectly match your needs and expectations.

With these shapes similar to the Open’Up flutes, the harmony between the beginning and the end will be appreciated by your guests.

Don’t forget Santa Claus !

As tradition dictates, don’t forget the glass of milk for Santa Claus. The Open’Up cup will be perfect for him to leave in good shape to deliver his gifts!

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