Wine in glass



  • Combining form and function, aesthetics and use, design influences the silhouettes of stemware to satisfy the pleasure of the eyes and the comfort of tasting.


  • For a casual dining experience, set your tables with timeless glassware that will easily fit into the most casual of settings.


  • Easy to use, simple distribution, efficient performance... these are just a few of the advantages of measuring glasses. An ideal tool to improve the quality and profitability of your services.

Wine by the glass, Influence Design

Each wine has its own glass and each glass has its own visual, olfactory and taste experience. The iconic designs of the Macaron, Open’Up and Reveal’Up collections aim above all to create new, authentic and tasty tasting experiences.

Macaron : The surprising shape of this collection and its name, evocative of gourmandise, make the Macaron glasses a real design asset on the table. In addition to being a strong identity marker, its rounded shape reinforces the power of the wines and their aromas, ensuring a unique tasting experience.

Macaron Fascination : The remarkable parison of the glasses in the Macaron Fascination collection allows for a total opening of the aromatic field of the most complex wines. Among the stemmed glasses in the range is a flute with a particularly bold design, perfectly suited to serving the best sparkling wines.

Open’Up : Chef&Sommelier™ signs with Open’Up a collection with a revolutionary design, intended for young wines, including new world wines (Australia, Chile, California…) served by the glass.

Reveal’Up : The sensory journey begins with the discovery of the shimmering color of the wines, through their perfect transparency. It continues with the revelation of the fruity aromas, decanted thanks to an extra-large oxygenation surface, in a generous gob.

Wine by the glass, Casual Dining

Simple lines, timeless shapes, glasses that go with a variety of moods and styles, casual chic, that’s what the Sublym collections and the Cabernet lines offer.

Sublym : Slender line, long slender leg, glass shining brightly: the Sublym collection by Chef&Sommelier deploys its harmonious and delicate silhouette to serve all varieties of wine.

Cabernet Abondant : This is a collection that will match your best vintages! Barely placed on a table or a bar, these glasses catch the eye. Impossible to remain insensitive to their majestic appearance and their exceptional transparency. On the technical side, you will appreciate their wide parison which allows a “decanting” effect by accelerating the oxygenation of the wines.

Cabernet Suprême : The noble silhouette and incomparable brilliance of Cabernet Supreme glasses immediately attract attention. Adorned with such assets, your tables will delight your guests throughout the meal.