The brand

Gastronomy is enjoying a revival and consumption patterns are changing. Lovers of food and drink are flocking to French-style tables in their search to enjoy taste, perfect harmony between food and wine and original décor.

To make your tables stand out

Chef&Sommelier inspires and supports your presentations with bold and original luxury collections. Our collections lie at the heart of the latest changes in trends: mini portions, dishes to share, new cuisine, coffee addicts, wine by the glass, etc. Our Krysta and fine porcelain lines combine the expertise of wine tasting, elegance and the strength of innovative materials.

Strong materials

Krysta extra strong crystal glass
This lens impresses with its extreme purity and perfect sound. An innovative material signed Chef&Sommelier.


Extra strong porcelain

The ceramic material used for Chef&Sommelier™ and Arcoroc™ collection is of remarkable quality (it contains a high percentage of alumina) ,which has no equal but its resistance.

High quality stainless steel

Most of our collections are done in 18/10 – ASI 304 stainless steel, what is ideal for use in high-quality cutlery and to guarantee resistance, the thickness of the cutlery is examined in minute detail.

Remarkable technologies and innovations

Effervescence plus This slightly abrasive finish at the bottom of sparkling wine glasses ensures a fine and regular burst of bubbles.

Sheer rim With the extremely fine rim of the bowl, the aroma of the wines takes precedence over the contact of the glass with the lips.