The uses of Chef&Sommelier's signature glasses

Classic and elegant tables

  • For hotels and restaurants requiring elegance and durability of their glassware, the choice of glasses with pure lines, transparency and high resistance is essential.

Colorful and original tables

  • Add color and originality to your menu: Chef&Sommelier™ offers original and contemporary tumblers enhancing your creativity.

Classic and elegant tables

Contemporary contours with an elegance drawn from the pure and modern curves of the Chef&Sommelier glasses.

Macaron Fascination : Its modernized balloon shape dresses up the tables of the most chic restaurants. The Macaron Fascination tumbler goes perfectly with the Macaron and Macaron Fascination stemware collections.

Vigne : The Vigne collection is a must-have with its heavy background, increased transparency and tailored capabilities. Its timeless design and Krysta composition will suit the most classic or sophisticated venues. 


Colorful & original tables

Give your restaurant a new look with our colorful and structured collections. The water tumbler becomes a strong aesthetic marker of your atmosphere. Textured, colored or both, Chef&Sommelier offers you new solutions to perfectly dress your tables and give rhythm to your dining room.

Primary Handcraft : Chef&Sommelier™ is breaking new ground with its new handmade effect. Inspired by colorful handcrafted tumblers, our Primary Handcraft collection with unique tumblers brings perfect harmony to the table.

Arpège Color : The Arpège Color collection masters the art of contrasts. These colored volutes are designed according to the ambient light, highlighted by the purity and brilliance of Krysta.