Reveal’Up: a unique wine tasting experience with two ladies with expert knowledge of wine

REVEAL’UP tasting glasses create the perfect marriage of wine and the material, awakening all five senses during tasting.

Chef & Sommelier has created REVEAL’UP, an exclusive line of wine tasting glasses, with two ladies representing it, each with expert knowledge of wine.

Julia Scavo sommelier and brand ambassador

Having won 1st place in the ‘Best Sommelier of Romania’ competition in 2018, 3rd place in the ‘Best Sommelier in Europe’ competition and 5th place in the ‘Best Sommelier in the World’ competition in 2013, Julia Scavo has been a rising star for several years in the history of wine waitering.

Virginie TaupenotWine grower and tester

A preordained destiny for Virginie Taupenot, chairperson of the Women and Wines of Burgundy Association, born into a family of wine producers.

Reveal’Up captivated me both as wine grower and as a lover of food, drink and aesthetics!

Between a revelation for the senses and a showcase for the table set – strictly indispensable technical qualities for wine tasting – and the elegance of its design, these two ladies enjoy using the eleven glasses of the REVEAL’UP collection every day for tasting white wines, red wines, rosé wines or champagne.

Between shape and materials the secret of Reveal’Up glasses

A tasting glass must have a large surface area for aeration, a spacious aroma chamber, a narrow rim and an elegant design. Durable yet delicate, practical yet pleasing, these glasses are perfectly suited to the art of serving wine. These glasses also have a curvature where the upper and lower parts of the bowl meet, forming a visual indicator of the perfect amount of wine.

Reveal’Up ? A collection that stimulates all five senses during wine tasting!

In order to best showcase the main wine categories, the REVEAL’UP collection includes two different types of tasting glasses. Our brand ambassador and our tester recommend:

The glass shape called INTENSEfor wines from red, yellow and mature varieties..
The SOFT, shape to reveal the gentle finesse of fruity white or red wines..