• Most wines served in restaurants are drunk too young. This is the observation made by sommeliers who are constrained by the selling price of the wines offered to customers and by the useless cash tied up while waiting for them to age.


  • The deposits of mature wines must be removed by the sommelier in order to fully enjoy the treasures of the wine. The ceremonial decanting of a wine, whether it is done by candlelight or simply, will be the perfect opportunity for the sommelier to share his know-how with the customers.


  • What could be more chic and elegant than putting wine in a carafe! In restaurants, the art of the French table is honored. The magnificence of a decanter lies in a skilful blend of glass and wine-making techniques that delight the guests.

Oxygenating carafe

Increasing the quality of young wines by accelerating their maturation is a daily gesture for the sommelier. Aerating a wine in a decanter is an opportunity for the sommelier to engage in conversation about the taste experiences he wants his guests to have.

Open’Up : Decanter to oxygenate young and reducing wines. Superb decanter, light, innovative and always in fashion. Easy to use, and very effective on oxygenation thanks to its interior angle. Its great advantage is to be able to aerate without heating the wine. Its neck has an ideal height to aerate the wine as soon as it passes through the neck. Its slanted spout and its “drop control” treatment allow an impeccable service.

Macaron : Surprising by its shape but formidably effective in the oxygenation of young wines. The two-shell bulb allows the wine to bounce off the neck and thus maximizes the wine-air contact. The opening of the spout is wide, facilitating the entry of the wine into the decanter. The spout ends in a bevel and is treated with “Drop Control” which precisely directs the wine into the glass without letting drops of wine escape onto the tablecloth. The dome grip allows a good grip, very important especially for magnums that can also be oxygenated without worry in this decanter.

Explore : If the wine is poured brutally and if the wine is shaken vigorously in the decanter, its high neck and its gripping dome make it two effective elements to oxygenate the wines. Explore is a multipurpose decanter: Decant and oxygenate!

Opening : Aesthetic and technical decanter to oxygenate young and still wines: whites and reds. The neck, wide enough, facilitates the transfer from the bottle to the decanter. The molecules of the wine are jostled in the diabolo neck to allow a good oxygenation. The wine then slides along the inner and lower goblet to fill half of the bulb, maximizing air-wine contact and allowing the wine to develop perfectly. Its slanted pouring spout and its “Drop control” treatment assure the sommelier of a flawless pouring.

Decanter for decanting

A tribute to mature wines and sommeliers !

Explore : Its high and long neck allows the sommelier to monitor that the deposit remains in the bottle without going through the decanter. Its round interior shape is ideal for pouring gently and avoiding over-oxygenation which would degrade these nectars. Its grip is easy and pouring is facilitated by the dome grip, allowing the thumb of the hand to be placed inside. Its slanted spout and its “Drop Control” treatment allow an impeccable service.

Decanter to enhance wine service

King of the table object that suggests a beverage of great quality.

Macaron : This decanter inspires all the greediness that a wine deserves! Its two-shell design combines aesthetics and technology. It is easy to hold thanks to the dome grip and the service will be impeccable thanks to its slanted neck.