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The Experts by Chef&Sommelier

In a world where restaurant professionals and wine lovers alike are becoming increasingly demanding about the quality of the products they serve, it is essential that their glassware reflects these high standards.

That’s why Chef&Sommelier is committed to providing them with glasses that have been conceived, designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, to enhance the food and drink pairings dreamt up by chefs, or to magnify the cocktails created by mixologists.

200 years of glass expertise

As a brand of the arc group, Chef&Sommelier has unique expertise in glassware. The only mechanical manufacturer of crystalline stemmed glasses in France, the group and the brand produce innovative, resistant and expert products for catering professionals and wine lovers.

The sparkling wine expert

Exaltation is a must-have for wine tasters, combining elegance and technical sophistication. With their innovative effervescence treatment, the two 30 cl and 35 cl flutes magnify Champagne, Prosecco and other sparkling wines.


  • * A slim, specially adapted rim

  • * Large evaporation surface

  • * Optimised bubbling to stir and propel aromas to the surface

  • * A flat, stable bowl

The expert for young wines

With its iconic shape, Open’Up can be found on the most contemporary tables. Yet its design reveals a wealth of technical features to enhance young wines.


  • * A narrow rim

  • * A pronounced angle

  • * A flat bowl


The organic wine expert

The Macaron glass stands out on the table. At first, it’s because of its unique silhouette, but quickly, it’s because of its effectiveness. A real time accelerator, its shape brings out the subtlest aromas in young, organic wines.

Features :

  • * A rounded rim
  • * A narrower top
  • * A natural gauge
  • * 2 shells of different sizes

The expert in mature wines

The Villeneuve collection is the result of a collaboration with chef Daniel Boulud. The 63.5cl is recognisable by its rounded shape, perfect for letting mature wines express their full aromatic complexity.

Features :

  • * A thin rim
  • * A narrow top
  • * A large surface area for oxygenation
  • * A fine, elegant stem
  • * Extra wide foot

The versatile expert

When you choose the Reveal’up collection, you can be sure of complete tasting expertise. The two shapes in the collection (Soft & Intense) know how to magnify all wines (still or sparkling, young or mature).


  • * Large oxygenation surface and aromatic chamber
  • * Natural gauge
  • * Point of effervescence
  • * Slim, elegant stem
  • * Extra wide foot

We are proud to embody excellence in the art of glassware for gastronomy and oenology. With 200 years of expertise behind us, we are committed to offering products of unrivalled quality, crafted to enhance every moment of tasting. From our Exaltation flutes, which enhance sparkling wines, to our emblematic Reveal’up collection, versatile and refined, each glass is meticulously designed to magnify the aromas and flavours of the beverages it holds. We are committed to meeting the expectations of discerning wine lovers and catering professionals, offering them an incomparable sensory experience every time they taste our wines.

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