chef&sommelier Reveal’Up : a unique wine tasting experience with two specialists

Learn all about the Reveal’Up collection of tasting glasses from Chef&Sommelier and the accomplished women who represent the range: sommelier Julia Scavo and vigneron Virginie Taupenot

Julia Scavo and Virginie Taupenot, united in their passion for Reveal’Up

Reveal’Up, one of the newer offshoots from the vine that is the Chef&Sommelier brand, was developed exclusively for wine tasting. Naturally, it is represented by two wine experts, a sommelier and a vigneron.

Julia Scavo: sommelier and brand ambassador
Having won third place in the ‘Best Sommelier in Europe’ competition and fifth place in the ‘Best Sommelier in the World’ competition in 2013, Julia Scavo is a rising star in the world of fine wines. Who could have imagined that this young woman's determination and curiosity would take her from studying engineering to working in the fascinating world of wine?

Virginie Taupenot: vigneron and tester
For Virginie Taupenot, it was destined to be. The winemaker was born in the heart of Burgundy's wine country to a family that has been producing wine for nine generations.

« As a winemaker and a lover of fine foods and beautiful objects, Reveal’Up appealed to me at every level! »

After earning a business degree and spending some time abroad, the girl from Burgundy returned home to work in the family vineyard. This same drive led her to partner with five other women to found a new association, Femmes et Vins de Bourgogne [women and wines of Burgundy], which she currently chairs.

Major star power associated with the Chef&Sommelier brand

For Chef&Sommelier, Julia Scavo and Virginie Taupenot were the natural choices to represent the Reveal’Up line of tasting glasses due to their extensive experience and, more importantly, their passion for their work. Brand ambassador Julia Scavo and tester Virginie Taupenot had high praise for the line's strict adherence to the technical requirements for tasting as well as the elegance of the designs. They are familiar with each of the eleven glasses in the range, which were designed to accommodate any type of wine – white or red, rosé or champagne.

Why did these two eminent wine experts choose to associate their names with the Chef&Sommelier brand? Because from the moment they laid eyes on this range, they knew it was perfect for their needs. They love using these glasses every day, at work and at home, because they reveal new sensory experiences and make it possible to deliver world-class service.

The secret of Reveal’Up glassware is the interplay between form and materials

As tasting and service go hand-in-hand, a tasting glass needs a large surface area for aeration, a spacious aromatic chamber, a narrow rim and an elegant design.

And that is exactly what the Reveal’Up collection has to offer. Our tasting glasses aim to create the perfect marriage of wine and materials, to awaken every sense during the tasting – touch and taste, sight and smell. Durable yet delicate, practical yet pleasing, these glasses are perfectly suited to the art of serving wine. These glasses also have a curvature where the upper and lower parts of the bowl meet, which forms a visual indicator for the perfect pour.

« Reveal’Up? A collection that reveals something to all five senses during tastings! »

In order to best showcase the main categories of wines, the Reveal’Up collection includes two different types of tasting glasses. Our brand ambassador and our tester both recommend the INTENSE glass for young and mature wines made from red grapes, while the SOFT glass is best for revealing the subtlety and sweetness of wines with fruity notes, both whites and reds. Both come in stemmed and stemless versions, making each tasting experience unique.

« Krysta™ allows you to see the true colour of the wine it all its depth and brilliance »

The Reveal’Up line - like every Chef&Sommelier line – is made from Krysta™, an innovative material with unparalleled properties developed by and exclusively for Arc. Wine glasses made from Krysta™ meet the demanding requirements of professionals in the hospitality industry down to the smallest detail: flawless purity and transparency, lasting shine, durability and a remarkable tone.