chef&sommelier Œnologue Expert: the universal wine glass created from a woman's passion

Focus on the Œnologue Expert from dedicated oenologist and vigneron Dany Rolland. Combining quality materials and elegant design, this multi-purpose glass can be used for tastings and table service

Dany Rolland: a woman with elegant taste in wine

A unique shape and pleasing lines, that sums up the Œnologue Expert glass that continues to captivate wine professionals and grace the most exclusive tables. This multi-purpose glass has an emotional story behind it, however

« It was the incredible journey that the fruit experiences that inspired me to study oenology »

Dany Rolland was once a brilliant medical student, but fate had something else in store for her. It led her to a vineyard, where her passion for wine completely transformed every facet of her life.

As an oenologist and vigneron, Dany Rolland's story is one shaped by significant events both personal and professional. One of the most important was meeting Catherine Péré-Vergé who, in addition to being a major player at Pomerol in charge of more than twenty hectares of vineyards, was none other than the heiress to Cristalleries d’Arques. Their chance encounter led to a great collaboration and, more importantly, a lasting friendship. It also yielded the Œnologue, a multi-purpose glass that allows the full intensity of aromas to come through and adds an elegant touch to a table.

A renowned oenologist working with Chef&Sommelier

A logical continuation of the two women’s friendship, the collaboration between Dany Rolland and Chef&Sommelier came about quite naturally. Having provided Catherine Péré-Vergé, who was then in charge of the family business, with the specifications, Arc and Chef&Sommelier worked together to create the glass we know and love today.

And ever since, Dany Rolland has used it at work and at home. The Œnologue Expert glass is on the table for ordinary meals and special occasions, and she also uses it in her work, whether she is in the lab or the cellar, to taste every type of wine imaginable.

« We named it the Œnologue because that's what I am »

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this glass, Chef&Sommelier is having it reborn in a new crystalline material, the aptly named Krysta™. A major transformation for this glass, it will now boast the unparalleled properties of the material – shine, durability, transparency and resonance. Dany Rolland could not be more pleased to see the Œnologue Expert glass made even better, so that the true flavours of any wine can shine through.

Quality and elegance in the Œnologue Expert collection of glasses

Designed for tasting and table service, the high-quality and elegant Œnologue Expert glass meets a number of different criteria. It has the advantage of being a multi-purpose glass that can be used to taste any type of wine in any situation, from the lab to the cellar to the table.

« Why it is important to be able to taste any type of wine with the same instrument »

With this glass, tasters can appreciate sparkling wines such as vintage Champagnes or powerful reds in a range of Bordeaux styles (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot), as well as dessert wines (Port or Muscato), dry whites or sweeter wines made from late-season grapes.

How is it unique? The base makes it very stable, the length of the stem confers a certain elegance, the generous lines mean that it can hold the perfect amount of wine and the wide opening at the top provides enough space for the mouth and the nose, both of which are necessary to properly appreciate the wine. And we should not forget the delicate rim, which gives pride of place to the wine!