chef&sommelier Nectar Collection: the latest vessel for indulgent beverages

Savouring a delicate tea or a hand-crafted latte in a beautiful container that allows the heady aromas to shine through and awakens the senses? That is the experience Chef&Sommelier delivers with the Nectar collection designed by Sylvie Amar, a talented designer specialising in fine dining

Sylvie Amar: the go-to designer for fine dining

After earning a diploma from a prestigious university, Sylvie Amar made a name for herself as a talented industrial designer, founding her own comprehensive design studio in 1997 catering to fine dining, hospitality and the restaurant industry. Having developed a special affinity for the act of eating, this dedicated designer whose work combines delicacy, curiosity and excellence has made fine dining her new passion project.

« The same coffee will taste very different in two different cups… »

Form and function, ergonomics and interactions, aesthetics and even ethics... No detail is too small for Sylvie Amar, for whom functionality always trumps style.

A sleek and elegant expert collaboration

When we decided to move the Chef&Sommelier brand into the hot beverage segment, we allied ourselves with prestigious designer Sylvie Amar, knowing that her skills would bring our new indulgent beverage concept to life. Reconciling distinctive design and utilitarian aspects, she was able to design a beautiful, ergonomic cup that showcases the flavours of the beverages it contains. How did she do it? Sylvie Amar explains: ‘By collecting data, sensations, feelings and colours and letting them inspire me. Then I left my creative mind alone to bring it all together.

« I wanted to rise to the challenge of this collaboration with Chef&Sommelier, and the Nectar collection is the result! »

This new concept for hot beverages is now available to baristas and restaurant owners alike. Designed by Chef&Sommelier, the high-quality collection is perfect for warm drinks with breakfast, after dinner or any other relaxing moment. The cups and saucers, teapot, creamer, sugar bowl and flat spoons will provide even the most demanding clientele with high-quality, stylish utensils that were designed for a high-quality, pleasurable taste experience. Just imagine the latte art a talented barista could create with these cups, crafting beautiful designs in foam on top of delicious hot coffees to delight their customers!

Nectar Collection: the joy of indulgent beverages

An aromatic green tea, an infusion of hibiscus flowers or a smooth latte... A group of experts worked together to thoughtfully design the best possible cup, and the Nectar collection is the culmination of their efforts. There is more to it than style, being designed to reveal the full flavour profile of the drink. That is why every cup, from the smallest (8 cl) to the largest (35 cl), boasts the following never-before-seen features:

  • An ogive-shaped bottom to enhance foam development
  • Thick porcelain walls keep the drink at the right temperature for proper tasting
  • A rim that is tilted inward to concentrate the aroma
  • A height that was carefully calibrated to fit under coffee machine spouts

With the Nectar line, Sylvie Amar has created a full collection for a functional yet breathtaking table setting. The cups go perfectly with the saucers, set off by the teapot and its cover, as well as the sugar bowl, creamer and flat spoons. A complete concept for hot, comforting beverages in an array of premium materials: porcelain, tempered glass and stainless steel.