chef&sommelier Architect Jean-Philippe Nuel applies his considerable talent to tableware

Since graduating from the Paris School of Fine Arts, interior designer and designer Jean-Philippe Nuel has been awarded numerous prizes throughout his career, in particular for his work in the hospitality sector. Recognised in the restaurant world for having transformed a number of spaces, he now consults for hotel projects all over the world. In France, he is the designer behind the renovation of Piscine Molitor, the Hôtel-Dieu de Marseille, the Trouville Thalassotherapy Centre, and many more. He believes it is vital to be in tune with the spirit of the times, while also finding inspiration in our roots and culture

Breaking with tradition to revolutionise tableware

He set out to create a single collection for Chef&Sommelier, yet in the end four were developed: Concrete, Fragment, Holi and Eternity! He explained that working with Chef&Sommelier was a natural outgrowth of his other work, as tableware adds the finishing touch to interior design and forms a part of the chef's overall vision. The restaurant industry is now reinventing itself, finding a way to combine modernity and tradition in order to rewrite the rules and blend disparate styles. The designer brought these ideas to life to offer something innovative and surprising, and to create a new tasting experience. Concrete perfectly embodies this aim. Jean-Philippe Nuel channelled the irreverent spirit of street art to design plates that look as though they were made from concrete, a material which is enjoying a new-found status as a high-end design element. Following the example of the new generation of chefs and the trends of neo-gastronomy, Concrete breaks with tradition for an unusual and primitive look, in order to showcase the most inventive dishes.